Criminology Careers

Top Criminology Career Websites

The following websites offer a combination of careers information and links to employers and recruitment agencies advertising potential jobs and training opportunities. Check them out if you’re stuck for ideas on what to do after your Degree:

For other criminology related volunteering opportunities try Volunteering Wales.

The University Careers website also has a range of useful web links.

Work Experience

One of the best ways of securing work experience related to your degree is to undertake some form of volunteer work with organisations such as those listed above.

Volunteering is considered to be a high quality form of work experience and very often includes some element of free training or additional qualifications. It is highly valued by criminal justice employers offering future career opportunities for graduates.

Volunteering doesn’t have to be time consuming or interfere with your studies. For example, just two hours a week over a period of one year would be enough to enhance your work related skills and improve your long term career prospects.

Students have taken part in placements with a range of organisations including the following:

  • Crown and County Courts
  • Law Firms
  • Public Defender Service
  • South Wales Police
  • South Wales Probation Service
  • Victim Support

Contact the University Careers website and Gowales.

Not sure what type of criminology jobs are out there?

Here are a few ideas:

Local Government
Anti Social Behaviour Support Officer
Community Safety Project Officer
Youth Worker
Trading Standards Officer
Enforcement/Fair Trading Officer

Central Government
Criminal Intelligence Analyst – National Policing Improvement Agency
Fraud Data Analyst – National Fraud Intelligence Bureau
Vetting Officer – GCHQ
Intelligence Officer – MI5
Press Officer – Serious Organised Crime Agency
Criminal Justice Agencies 
Police Officer
Prison Officer/Governor
Probation Officer/Probation Service Officer
Court Officer
Youth Offending Officer
Witness Care Officer
Arrest Referral Worker

Just some of the jobs being done by Criminology graduates

  • Forensic Speech Therapy Assistant
  • HE Lecturer
  • Anti Social Behaviour Reduction Officer
  • Police Community Support Officer
  • Legal Recruitment Consultant
  • Statistical Research Officer
  • Charity Support Worker
  • Assistant Tax Officer