Violence, Homicide, Investigation & Prevention Expertise & Research (VHIPER)

VHIPER brings together members from the Centre for Criminology with research expertise in violence and homicide including its patterns and causes, its investigation and how it might be prevented. 

We are known nationally and internationally for our research on homicide and violence and, in particular, our ethnographic and qualitative research in this area. Led by Professor Fiona Brookman, the group is made up of USW Criminologists including Dr Cheryl Allsop, Dr Helen Jones, Prof Mike Maguire, Anna Clancy, Prof Ali Wardak, Prof Jonathan Evans, Dr Jennifer Maher, Jennifer Holmes, and Grace Boughton.

Our research includes studies of police investigation of homicide in the UK, USA and Trinidad and Tobago as well as cold cases, no-body murders, miscarriages of justice and sexual violence. 

It also includes research on preventing homicide, terrorism, domestic violence, alcohol-related violence, violence amongst and against young people and the risk management of sexual and violent offenders. Finally, it includes research on war and violence in Afghanistan and the role of restorative justice in generating peace. 

VHIPER members have a lengthy track record of securing external research funding from the ESRC, Council of Europe, European Commission, Leverhulme Trust, Home Office, government and charitable sources. 

Our research has generated a range of high quality publications and reports that have informed theory, policy and practice nationally and internationally.  We are committed to undertaking research that has ‘real life’ relevance and positive impacts. To these ends we maintain close links with practitioners and policy makers, including police, forensic scientists, and a variety of government, third sector and voluntary organisations.


Professor Fiona Brookman
Lead of the group

Dr Cheryl Allsop
Senior lecturer in Criminology

Dr Helen Jones
Research fellow in Criminology

Prof Mike Maguire
Professor of Criminology

Prof Ali Wardak,
Professor of Criminology

Prof Jonathan Evans
Professor of Criminology

Dr Jennifer Maher
Senior lecturer in Criminology

Jennifer Holmes
PhD student in Criminology

Dr Sophie Pike
Bath Spa University

Dr Grace Boughton
University of Gloucestershire

Brian Heath OBE

Gareth Bevan
Visiting Fellow

Dusty Kennedy