Congratulations Dr Grace Boughton

Dr Grace Boughton and her doctoral supervisors, Graduation July 2022

Dr Marian Buhociu, Dr Grace Boughton, Dr Cheryl Allsop, Ian McKim

Grace Boughton is awarded her doctorate today. 

Grace's PhD examined and analysed Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs) in England and Wales. DHRs are multi-agency reviews into domestic homicide and suicide cases associated with domestic abuse, where the offender is either a close partner or someone with whom the victim lived.

"As the primary focus is on the DHR process itself, this research is important because it adds to a growing body of academic literature," said Grace. 

"It also highlights the fact that while having these reviews is a positive step forward, DHRs now need a series of changes so that their importance is fully recognised within criminal justice and society more generally."

"My PhD experience has taught me a lot about myself; this is the most rewarding, intense, frustrating, confusing and enlightening journey. It has shown me how resilient I am, and that I should believe in myself and my abilities. 

"From a research perspective, my PhD allowed me to work passionately and creatively in an under-researched field, as well as enabling me to continue to work with various criminal justice agencies. 

"As part of USW's alumni community, it was a privilege to come back to USW's Criminology department for my PhD. In particular, my Director of Studies, Dr Cheryl Allsop and Head of Criminology, Ian McKim, deserve additional special attention here, as they have continued to support and encourage me since I was an undergraduate student. 

"I am also very lucky to have shared my journey with a wonderful Criminology PhD cohort; I treasure the sense of community we had, and our friendship."

Dr Boughton is now a Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Gloucestershire.