Funded PhD opportunity into the use of digital forensics in investigations

Fiona Brookman

We have a funded PhD studentship through the Doctoral Training Alliance (DTA) scheme.

Understanding the Use of Digital Forensics in the Investigation and Prosecution of Major Crime Offences in England and Wales.

An original, ethnographic study is proposed to examine how Digital Forensic (DF) knowledge and practice contributes to the detection and prosecution of major crime. Specifically, the study would aim to discover how digital forensics (DF) (e.g. photographs, videos or GPS data from smartphones, tablets or sat navs) are used when investigating and prosecuting major crimes, including homicide and sexual assaults. The use of DF by the CJS is increasing as are concerns about the use of DF. To date, there is little research on the shift in the use of this evidence and the context of its use. This study aims to fill this gap, through in-depth observations, interviews and the study of documents, to understand how exactly DF is being used, challenges to its use and whether it is being used appropriately and effectively.

For informal enquiries about the project, please contact Professor Fiona Brookman.

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