Lessons from the Lockdown


Lessons from the Lockdown is a series of webinars organised by Professor Katy Holloway; Professor Mike Maguire and Professor Kate Williams, in collaboration with the Welsh Centre for Crime and Social Justice.

It focuses on their key areas of research interest such as:

  • prisoners and their families
  • young people in the youth justice system
  • people with substance use problems and the organisations that help to support them
  • policing

The primary aim of the webinar series is to bring practitioners, policy makers, academics and service users together to learn lessons from the pandemic to inform the future delivery of services in the field of Criminology and Criminal Justice.  

Services and systems had to change dramatically during the COVID-19 lockdown and this provided an opportunity for innovation and change.  But, which changes worked well and which didn’t work so well?  The webinars draw on the views and experiences of people from a range of perspectives to answer these questions and to explore what changes might be retained moving forward into a post-COVID world.   

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Professor Mike Maguire
Prisons, probation, rehabilitation and resettlement

Professor Kate Williams
Youth justice, young people in the Youth Justice System

Professor Katy Holloway
Drug and alcohol use and treatment

Recent webinars

Parole under Covid

15th April 2021

This seminar was organised by the The Parole Board for England and Wales and facilitated by Professor Mike Maguire, who is a member of the Parole Board’s Research Governance Group. Chaired by the CEO of the Parole Board, Martin Jones, it explored experiences of and lessons from remote parole hearings with prisoners during the lockdown. The speakers were Sylvie Blanchet (Executive Vice-Chairperson of the Parole Board of Canada), Kevin Murray (Parole Board member), Dean Kingham (Head of Prison Law at Swain and Co.) and Charlene Amarte and Nikki Peters (senior managers at the Parole Board). 

See our research in youth justice, probation, custody and vulnerability.

Policing the Pandemic

Lessons for the Future is presented by Professor Colin Rogers and Professor Peter Vaughan of the International Centre for Policing & Security. Speakers included Pam Kelly, Chief Constable of Gwent Police, Paul Griffiths from the Police Superintendents' Association, and Marc Atwell from Police Federation Wales.

Substance Misuse Services in Wales

16th December 2020

Organised by Professor Katy Holloway, director of the Substance Use Research Group, this seminar discusses the particular threats to people with substance misuse problems and services during the pandemic. It presents the findings of a collaborative research project undertaken by third sector drug and alcohol services and USW, and hears directly from those with lived experience of coping with substance misuse problems as well as from those working to help support them. 

Youth Justice and Engaging Children in the Future

26th November 2020

Organised by Professor Kate Williams, this seminar brought together practitioners, policy-makers and academics to discuss how the lockdown affected the engagement of children in the youth justice system with the work they are required to do or need to do in order to improve both their pro-social behaviour and their wellbeing and life-chances.

Prisoner and Family Connections for the Future 

17th September 2020   

Organised by Professor Mike Maguire, this seminar looked at how the lockdown affected contact between prisoners and their children and families, what has worked well and not so well, and what lessons might be drawn for the future. Speakers included Professor Julie Poehlmann-Tynan and Elizabeth Skora Horgan from the University of Wisconsin-Madison; Corin Morgan-Armstrong, Head of Family Services in HMP Parc; and David Richmond, Head of Youth Custody Services, Wales.