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International Impacts

The impact of Brookman’s research extends beyond the UK

Brookman's research, which has been undertaken in the UK and USA, has influenced investigative policy and practice internationally. For example, her recommendations for using new ways to evaluate investigative performance was a directive in 10 Things Law Enforcement Executives Can Do To Positively Impact Homicide Investigation Outcomes published by the International Association of Chiefs of Police and, most recently, US National Public Safety Partnerships. 

Key publications

Impact in Trinidad and Tobago

Brookman's 2019 rapid evidence review of homicide prevention and investigation in Trinidad and Tobago (with Anna Clancy and Ed Maguire), improved awareness and understanding of the characteristics and causes of gang-related homicide and police corruption in the region and how best to tackle both.  HMICFRS drew on her recommendations in their inspection of police in the region.  This included engaging across all levels of the police, analysing all unsolved homicides in the region and coaching detectives on learning from unsolved cases. 

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services

The evidence review, along with the recommendations made, were extremely useful to HMICFRS. The findings increased our understanding of how gang-related homicide and police corruption in Trinidad and Tobago can be tackled most effectively and directly informed the design of our review of homicide prevention and investigation in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Jacquie Hayes, Head of Analytics and Research Team, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS)

Impact in Canada

Brookman has provided research instruments and guidance to detectives at the Calgary Police Homicide Unit, Canada, who are exploring factors that influence homicide investigation outcomes.

Homicide Investigation and Forensic Science Project

"Your research positively impacts policing by providing insights into how homicide investigations are impacted by achievements in FSTs [forensic sciences and technologies].   Providing the research questions used in your 2019 research ... [and] valuable feedback regarding the draft survey I sent you, has been an immense help....and the foundation for us to launch our own study here in Canada.  I want to sincerely thank you for adding such depth to the homicide investigation literature and express my gratitude in your mentorship." 

Detective Christina Witt (PhD), Homicide Unit, Calgary Police Service, Canada

Impact in Italy

Findings from the Homicide Investigation and Forensic Science (HIFS) project are informing decisions to introduce CCTV training to detectives in the Milan Homicide Squad, Italy, and drive forward improvements to processes and practices.

christian persurich, Italian Police, Crimininology Research Impact

"Your recent research on the use of CCTV in homicide investigations systematized several critical points which often arise during our investigations...  I am in complete agreement with you regarding the necessity to introduce training for police officers to illustrate how to retrieve, preserve and share CCTV footage properly. We do not have anything like this in Italy and this is an issue which will be brought to the attention of our competent department.

Also the technical difficulties related to the viewing of CCTV footage, the enhancement of the files’ quality and their efficient sharing mentioned in your work pose similar problems. We are proposing the purchase of bespoke software, as well as high-capacity disk drives to store the files and, following your considerations, we also plan to foster better cooperation with those local authorities which manage public CCTV systems.

To sum up, your work on CCTV has demonstrated that these issues affect not only our country, but they seem to represent a general problem. When our suggestions for training and new technology are submitted to our top executives, your research and recommendations will be extremely useful and provide an evidence-base to enhance our proposals."

Chief Inspector Christian Persurich (PhD), Milan Homicide Squad, Italy