Criminal Investigation Research Network (CIRN)

CIRN aims to advance knowledge on the theory and practice of criminal investigation with a particular focus upon homicide and major crime investigation. The network brings together leading academics from different parts of the world with expertise in major crime investigation as well as senior investigating officers and practitioners at the forefront of developing practice and strategy in relation to major crime investigation.

The ambition is that the network will generate international collaboration between researchers, practitioners and policy makers with a view to producing new insights into major crime investigation. A key aim is to identify and enhance best practice in criminal investigation across different regions of the world.

Priorities include:

  • to bridge the gap in knowledge and dialogue between practitioners, researchers and policy makers
  • to share knowledge and best practice internationally
  • to generate scholarly research and publications that can be operationally relevant

The research network currently spans the UK, North America, Australia and the Netherlands and includes academics, current and former detectives, detective trainers and forensic scientists.

CIRN is led by Professor Fiona Brookman in collaboration with Professor Martin Innes, Professor Ed Maguire, Professor Robin Williams and Professor Mike Maguire. If you would like any further information regarding the research network please contact Fiona.

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