About the Centre

The Centre for Criminology, headed by Professor Fiona Brookman, comprises a team of active researchers and research students with specialisms in drug use, crime prevention, homicide and violence, animal abuse, youth justice and youth policy, policing protests, informal justice and alternatives to prosecution and imprisonment.

Our Mission

The Centre’s mission is to be a leading centre for criminology and to strive for excellence in both its teaching and research.

It aims to achieve these objectives while at the same time providing a stimulating and facilitative teaching and research environment.

Excellence in research

The Research Excellence Framework (REF2014) found that;

  • Almost two thirds of our research is recognised as either world-leading or internationally excellent overall.
  • 80 percent of our research is recognised as world-leading in terms of its impact.
  • University of South Wales is 8th in the UK for world leading research in social policy and criminology – and top in Wales.


Dr Cheryl Allsop
Senior Lecturer, Award Leader – BSc Criminology and Criminal Justice

Emeritus Professor Trevor Bennett
Emeritus Professor of Criminology

Professor Fiona Brookman
Director of the Centre for Criminology

Dr Marian Buhociu
Lecturer in Criminology

Dr Sophie Chambers
Lecturer in Criminology

Anna Clancy
Research Fellow in Criminology

Dr John Deering
Associate Professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice

Professor Jonathan Evans
Professor of Youth Justice Policy and Practice

Michael Harrison
Lecturer in Criminology

Professor Katy Holloway
Professor in Criminology

Tim John
Senior Lecturer in Criminology

Dr Helen Jones
Research Fellow in Criminology

Dr Robert Jones
Lecturer in Criminology

Professor Mike Maguire
Professor in Criminology

Dr Jennifer Maher
Senior Lecturer in Criminology

Dr Tom May
Research Fellow in Criminology

Ian McKim
Senior Lecturer in Criminology

Associate Professor Harriet Pierpoint
Associate Professor in Criminology

Professor Ali Wardak
Professor in Criminology

Doctoral students

Wahidullah Amiri – Links between Formal and Informal Justice in Afghanistan
Supervisors: Prof Ali Wardak and Prof Mike Maguire

Paolo Baffero – Bolivian non-state justice and its relevance to restorative justice
Supervisors: Prof Ali Wardak and Prof Kate Williams

Grace Boughton – Homicide Reviews 
Supervisors: Dr Cheryl Allsop and Prof Fiona Brookman

Sarah Bradbeer – The criminalisation of homelessness and social exclusion
Supervisors:  Prof Kate Williams and Howard Williamson

Zoe Cross – Desistance from youth offending
Supervisors: Dr John Deering, Prof Jonathan Evans and Rachel Taylor

Heddwen Daniel– The impact of Welsh Government policy on breach decision-making by Youth Offending Teams
Supervisors: Prof Kate Williams and Prof Jonathan Evans

Michael Harrison – Policing Protest 
Supervisors: Prof Fiona Brookman, Prof Colin Rogers and Prof Mike Maguire

Jennifer Holmes – Police Interviews and Vulnerable Suspects 
Supervisors: Associate Prof Harriet Pierpoint and Prof Fiona Brookman

Sharmila Kumar – Long-term, treatment-resistant heroin users
Supervisors: Prof Ali Wardak, Prof Katy Holloway and Prof Andrew Rogers

Kanishka Nawabi – The causes and motivations of suicide terrorism campaigns in Afghanistan
Supervisors: Prof Ali Wardak and Prof Kate Williams