Professors Fiona Brookman, Mike Maguire and Ed Maguire publish The Handbook of Homicide

August 8, 2017

The Handbook of Homicide is described as an international sourcebook of information and scholarship on the nature, causes and patterns of homicide, as well as policies and practices for investigating and preventing it. Published by Wiley the handbook is comprised of a series of original essays by renowned authors from around the world. It is the first internationally-focused collection of the latest research on the nature and causes of homicide

Readers will gain insight into the patterns and trends of homicide in the UK and the US, as well as Canada, Japan, Russia, China, South Africa and many other countries. Other chapters explore: social and legal responses; gang homicide; drug-related homicide; corporate homicide; technology and homicide investigation; cold case reviews and preventing homicide.

Professors Fiona Brookman and Mike Maguire from the University’s Centre for Criminology edited the handbook, alongside Professor Ed Maguire from Arizona State University. Other members of the centre have also contributed, including, Professor Fiona Brookman, Dr Cheryl Allsop, Dr Helen Jones and Sophie Pike.

Further details on the handbook and where it can be purchased can be found here: The Handbook on Homicide

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