Dr. Ali Wardak speaks at World Justice Forum V

August 7, 2017

Dr. Ali Wardak was an invited speaker at the World Justice Forum V that was held at The Hague between 10th and 13th July 2017.

The Forum was attended by a large number of legal scholars, politicians, high ranking judicial officials, diplomats, representatives of civil society, academia and the media from around the world.

The focus of the Forum was to share insights, explore strategies and develop collaborative solutions for promoting and institutionalizing rule of law around the world. The plenary session that was addressed by Dr Ali Wardak focused on ‘Harmonizing Formal, Informal, and Customary Justice’, and the title of his presentation was: ‘Strengthening rule of law through engagement with non-state justice providers’.

This session was also addressed by Hon. Hassan Jallow, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of The Gambia, Hon. Eduardo Rodríguez Veltzé, Ambassador of Bolivia to The Netherlands, and former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Bolivia, Ms. Hilary Tompkins, Partner, Hogan Lovells, and former Solicitor for the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI). This session was moderated by Mr. Tim Hanstad, Co-Founder and Senior Advisor, Landesa. The session was attended by senior justice officials including Hon. Geert Corstens, former President of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands.

You can watch the talk here: World Justice Forum V Video

Further details can be found here: World Justice Forum V

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