Evaluation of the Pan-Wales Women's Triage (the Diversion Scheme)

October 2, 2015

Professor Katy Holloway and Dr Jo Brayford, in collaboration with Kate Williams from Aberystwyth University, have been commissioned by NOMS Cymru to conduct an evaluation of the Pan-Wales Women’s Triage (the Diversion Scheme).

The Diversion Scheme forms part of the Integrated Offender Management Cymru (IOMC) Women’s Pathfinder project and is expected to achieve a number of objectives including, where appropriate, the diversion of women away from the Criminal Justice System into effective community interventions at the earliest opportunity. The Scheme is also expected to help address the needs of women offenders, to reduce the number of female arrests resulting in charge and to contribute towards the development of an end-to-end system approach to dealing with women in the Criminal Justice System. It is anticipated that the results of the pilot and its evaluation will inform future roll out of the triage process across Wales.

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