Prof Fiona Brookman to speak at Tackling Youth Homicide Conference

October 21, 2014

Professor Fiona Brookman Professor Fiona Brookman, Professor of Criminology and Director of CIRN at the University of South Wales, is to speak a national conference on youth homicide.

Organised by The Jimmy Mizen Foundation, the conference looks at Tackling Youth Homicide Young People as Perpetrators.

Prof Brookman is one of six speakers, who include Bill Griffiths, the former Deputy Assistant Commissioner with the Metropolitan Police and director of all serious crime operations, and Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP, Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor.

She will talk about what we know about the decision-making processes of people who kill, paying particular attention to the role of situational, interactional and emotional factors.

She will ask what killers were thinking and feeling immediately prior to and during the moments of homicide, what situational and emotional factors influence their decision to become embroiled in a lethal encounter.

She said: “I was honoured to be asked to speak at the first Jimmy Mizen Foundation Conference. There is a great deal written about violence and homicide but few examples of work dedicated to trying to reduce and prevent lethal violence amongst those most vulnerable to it – young people (and especially young men). This Conference is timely and important in bringing together people from a broad range of backgrounds and agencies to debate and deliberate effective ways of helping young people to live peacefully and avoid the devastating impacts of homicide.”

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